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ArcaletScene objects are game scene objects, which include two kinds of scene: 'static' and 'dynamic'. The establishment and management of the scenes takes place in the background on the arcalet website When developers create a new scene in the background, the system will generate a single scene ID, called the scene GUID, referred to as SGUID.
There are three objects in the scene constructor, please refer to the instructions later for details. When an object is created, the programmer must then call Launch() to enter the scene, or use Match() and FairMatch() in dynamic scenes. After calling the methods, the arcalet server then pairs the object up with the established copies of the dynamic scenes.
When players enter a scene, whether successfully or not, this will trigger an OnCompletion() event. If successful, the SID of the scene will be stored in the object properties. What makes SID different from SGUID is that SID only shows up when games are on. Therefore we usually refer to SGUID as Class ID of the scene and SID is known as the scene of the entity (Instance ID).
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