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The ArcaletScore object, the scoreboard, is used to record the scores of players in the game and produce the score chart, which is divided into: 'top results daily', 'top results weekly', 'top results monthly' and 'top results historically'. 'Top results daily' resets to zero every day; the new score is recorded and then ranked again. 'Top results weekly', and 'top results monthly' work identically to the daily, but with different time frames. As for 'top results historically', the records will never reset.
To use the ArcaletScore object, the developers can define their own classes (Leader Board Class) of the game in the background ( and obtain the LGUID. Then, the developers can use the static methods of ArcaletScore in the arcalet API to process all the scores in the game.

In addition to the ArcaletScore scoreboard, arcalet provides players the service of keeping track of scores. Developers can record and check other players' scores. Since the record of the players' scores are only the score data of each player, it has nothing to do with the ArcaletScore board. However, if developers use the ArceletScore board to submit the scores of the players, then the arcalet system will record the player's score.
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