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API Class

arcalet API has six classes
1. ArcaletGame (Game class)
Creating the ArcaletGame object will allow the player's game to establish a connection with the arcalet server.Only when online is the player able to interact instantly with other players. At the beginning of the game, theplayer will enter the 'hall' system, therefore arcalet designed every game with the hall scene as the default scene. 

The default scene is a 'static' scene, and is built into the game. The 'hall' scene is different from general game scenes. It can not be entered and left; it exists as soon as the game object is connected and online.

Unless the connection is terminated, the player will always receive messages in the hall, and can send messages to the hall at all times.
2. ArcaletScene (Scene class)
The ArcaletScene class is the base class for how players interact online. The concept of the ArcaletScene class is that players can be in many scenes at the same time. The game developers can create their own designs and plans.

The scenes are divided into 'static' scenes and 'dynamic' scenes. 'Static' scenes do not have more than one copy (instance). Static scenes can only be entered and departed; they can not be created.

'Dynamic' scenes can be created and instantiated multiple times by developers and players. Therefore, it allows players to enter or depart.
3. ArcaletItem (Item class)
The items are divided into three types: goods, property, and data.

'Goods' are the treasures or props in the game, which can be sold in the arcalet Mall, players pay arca currency to get goods and arca currency is saved into the developers' arca account. The developers can cash it in once a certain amount of arca currency has accumulated.

'Property' allows programmers to describe some of the characteristics of the players in the game, such as height, weight, etc. Not only that, it can also be used to represent the treasures/props function. However, because properties can not be sold, it will not display in the mall. Adding or accessing properties can only be done via the arcalet API.

'Data' object types contain data for players that is stored persistently. The content in 'Data' will not disappear when players are offline or turn off the game. It is non-volatile memory, stored outside the local computer.
4. ArcaletScore (Leaderboard class)
This class is used to log into the game scores. The scores are added up and created by the server (Leaderboard).
5. ArcaletShop ( Shop Class )
This is designed specifically for the iOS App Store, and is used to support the direct purchase of goods with 'Server Product Delivery' mode.

App Store standards require that the application can not be used other than via Apple's e-commerce system. Therefore, all applications should follow iOS In-App Purchase code. When players buy goods, they must use the ArcaletShop.CommitInAppPurchase() function, and the arcalet server will verify the purchase (receipt) from the App Store.
6. ArcaletSystem (System Class)
This class contains functions related to the arcalet system.
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