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Object Modelarcalet API 》 Error Code

Error Code

Code	        indicate
      99	        Exception or connection timeout
    101	        Game login exceeds Max CCU.
    102	        Repeated login by a same player 
    103	        Account or password error
    104	        Failure to establish lobby scene
    105	        Failure to connect to arcalet game server
    106	        Failure to find arcalet game server
    107	        Failure to find arcalet game server
    999	        Other errors
10000	        System Error!
10001	        Communication Server Not Found
10002	        API Access Denied
10003	        Invalid Length of GUID
10004	        Invalid gGUID Error
10005	        Invalid sGUID Error
10006	        Invalid iGUID Error
10007	        Invalid lGUID Error
10008	        gGUID IS NOT Login gGUID
10009	        Invalid Parameter of status/level
10010	        Player Not Found
10011            Incoming arcalet account or password error generated
10012	        Invalid Parameter sid
10013	        sid does not exists
10014	        sid is locked
10017	        Reached the maximum number of specified scene, unable to enter!
10018	        Scenes of SID specified does not exist or is not valid
10019	        Cannot find the specified SID scene creator information!
10020	        Type is not a dynamic scene
10021	        Players not SID specifies the scene Builder
10022	        Type parameter error
10023	        Set the scene information of the key or value parameter error
10024	        No specified property
10025	        Cannot find the specified games
10026	        Specified items non-current player for all!
10027	        Non-specified goods currently games for all!
10028	        Itemid parameter error!
10029	        Level parameter error!
10030	        Score parameter error!
10031	        No specific score Board!
10032	        Ex parameter error!
10033	        State parameter error!
10034	        Game voucher errors
10035	        Enter a blank account
10036	        Account numbers need to be at least 3 characters.
10037	        Account is too long and up to a 10 characters
10038	        Accounts can only be 0-9, a-z, "-", "." characters and may not contain indecent character
10039	        Account number must start with a character such as 0-9,a-z and the end
10040	        Account are not allowed "." and "-".
10041	        Accounts are not allowed to use the "-" or "."
10042	        Enter the blank game password
10043	        The game password is too short, needs at least 6 characters
10044            The game password is too long, up to 18 characters
10045	        Game passwords do not use double quotation marks or spaces
10046	        Enter a blank email
10047	        E-mail address format error
10048	        Email registration limit has been exceeded
10049	        This account already exists
10050	        Account may not contain indecent character
10051	        Super user does not exist!
10052	        Over new ceiling could not be added
10053	        Do not have permission ( Please check your Rights Management setting )
10054	        Check user rights parameter error
10055	        Status parameter error
10056	        Receipt parameter error!
10059	        Flow limitation (x min)
10060	        Scene matching limit (x min)
10061	        Value parameter error!
10063	        Players do not have to be merged, the property value cannot be merged!
10064	        Specified EC FF has been disabled!
10065	        Cannot find the specified items
10066	        App Store Product ID does not meet!
10067	        App Store this order not found!
10068	        App Store is online error codes XXXX (Apple error code)

10071 	        Nickname can only be 0-9, a-z, "-", "." characters and may not contain indecent character
10072 	        Nickname must start with a character such as 0-9,a-z and the end
10073 	        Nickname are not allowed "." and "-".
10074 	        Nickname are not allowed to use the "-" or "."
10075 	        Nickname need to be at least 3 characters.
10076 	        Nickname is too long and up to a 10 characters
10077 	        Nickname Modification fails 
10078 	        Nickname may not contain indecent character

10080	        Invalid iGUID Error! (There are multiple incoming iguid)
10081 	        iguid length of which does not comply

10084 	        Item type must be a goods
10085 	        Properties merged set error!
10086 	        Not set key
10087 	        google play product id does not comply!
10088 	        arcalet validation error occurred!

21003 	        Verification fail (apple, google play)
10089 	        kidx(google play) parameter error!
10090 	        Product id is not set
10109 	        Data is too long
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